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This qualification reflects the role of an individual such as a roustabout, lease hand, utility operator, floorman or motorman. It requires the completion of a set range of functions involving known routines and procedures. As an individual in this field, you will gain a deep understanding of these roles and responsibilities needed to succeed in day-to-day operations related to drilling oil and gas (onshore) or well-servicing operations.


This qualification reflects the role of individuals such as aspiring derrickmen or assistant drillers, requiring them to perform tasks involving a broad range of skilled applications in various contexts, which may involve some discretion and judgement in selecting equipment, services and contingency measures. This is an invaluable opportunity for those willing to rise up to the challenge and take their careers further!

To qualify for this program, learners must successfully complete 14 units. Developing core competencies such as problem-solving, decision-making and critical thinking is essential for any successful career path in this field. After completing this program, you will have acquired knowledge about safety procedures, drilling operations and related technologies that will greatly enhance your career prospects.


This qualification reflects the role of individuals such as drillers working in an onshore oil & gas context, carrying out complex and non-routine tasks.

You’ll be responsible for the quantity and quality of the output of others and contribute to the development of technical solutions to non-routine problems. With this qualification, you’ll gain a highly sought-after skillset that will open doors to countless opportunities in this rapidly growing industry!

To become qualified, the learner is required to complete 12 units.


This qualification reflects the role of supervisors in drilling operations, requiring applicants to demonstrate a broad range of technical, managerial, coordination, and planning skills. Those who enter this job will have high levels of autonomy and be responsible for selecting equipment and techniques for themselves and others. It's an excellent opportunity for those who want to pursue a career that involves both technical and management-related tasks.

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